Note Sharing Platform

Isper is a note sharing platform, we not only provide notes for students but also let students share their notes online. We aim to help students that are frustrated in studying.

Useful, Diverse, Integrated

Knowledge, like a sea, is boundless; only through hard study can one reach the destination. As there are more and more subjects to study, we integrate all of the subjects and make your study easier.


Darkmode has been popular these years in many websites and apps. We provide darkmode for users not only to satisfy different tastes but also protect your eyes when studying at night.

Search Engine

Afraid that you have to browse through a great number of notes to find the content you want? We provide the search function for you to search for specific content and study in a more efficient way.

Self made content

In oreder to offer you a better resource, all of the content are made by us. We hope to help you grasp the most precise information during studying.

Personalize your studies

According to different requirements, you can personalize your own study set, having the best way to utilize the information online.