Are you overwhelmed by piles and piles of homework? Are you complaining about your unsatisfactory test scores? Are you feeling stressful about modern educational system? Nowadays, schools have been cultivating students' ability for memorizing a huge amount of information, but time is always not enough...

ISPER, a note sharing platform

Therefore, ISPER is here to help you with your time management. We provide notes of different subjects, all of these can help students finish homework, study for exams, and prepare for presentations. Studying in a more systematic way is definitely going to help you save a lot of time and absorb information more efficiently.

Knowledge, like a sea, is boundless; only through hard study can one reach the destination. During our journey on studying, we are going to encounter a multitude of obstacles; however, these are the essential parts of life that help us improve. We may feel frustrated; we may feel powerless, but remember, whenever you need other's help, ISPER is always here to help you.

Various Features

Along with the advancement of technology, people's life has become more and more convenient. Living in this generation, many things in our lives have become readily available, and remote communication has made it easier for friends who are far away from each other to contact. The Internet has greatly changed people's lives.

Accordingly, utilizing appropriate tools is an important ability to possess in modern world, since it can increase our efficiency in a great deal. To build a good environment for learning, ISPER contains a multitude of features that supports students, including personalization and darkmode. Click here to learn more.

Words from the founder

Studying has always been a difficult task for most of us. With so many books and tests appear in front of us every day, it is inevitable that one will feel powerless and tired. Nevertheless, this is a situation that all of us have to face. Learning isn't painful, what's more, it is a kind of training, a necessary training to enable us to survive in the competitive society in the future.

Therefore, I hope that through such a platform, we can integrate what we have learned in school and combine our efforts, so that everyone can receive help from others. Learning to help is always an important ability, it not only increases our efficiency, but also makes up for our own shortcomings. Ultimately, we all have the chance to challenge ourselves and become a better person.